Couples Therapy

We are never so vulnerable as when we love. –Sigmund Freud

Being in a romantic relationship can be one of the best parts of your life. It can also be really hard! When your connection with your partner hurts and leaves you feeling misunderstood, angry, and lonely it may seem like your whole world is turned upside down. You just want to find your way back to each other, so you can feel appreciated, respected, and cared for by this person who matters so much to you.

We offer therapy to couples to help them through the challenges that arise in relationships and deepen their connection to one another. We approach romantic relationships like an ever-changing, complex dance. The focus is on the emotional bond between partners, recognizing that we all need a sense of safety, protection, and contact with those we love. Neither partner is seen as “the problem,” rather we focus on the dance and the problems that arise when couples are not in sync with one another.

Dancing is hard work! You step on each other’s toes, you get angry, it’s even exhausting at times. However, the longer you practice and the more you know yourself and your partner, the more complex and beautiful the dance can become.

If you are interested in healing hurts in your relationship and deepening your connection to one another, we welcome you to contact us about scheduling an initial session.

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